Surfing in Oxnard.


Photo By David Orias

Beaches like Silver Strand, Hueneme, Hollywood and The shores see some of the most consistent and best surf in Southern California. So is all the hype true? Is Oxnard infamous for it's legendary "locals only" policy? Unfortunately, there is still some truth to these legends. The reason is simple to see. These communities are all very small, and do not have the vast acreage of beaches like California's Hungtinton and Zuma beach. Silver Strand beach is only a mile long for example.

Just to drive to Oxnard's beaches from the surrounding communities takes commitment. Unlike beaches just north and south of Oxnard, our surf breaks are not viewable directly from the Pacific Coast Highway, and sometimes a well planned trip brings less than favorable results. My best advice for the traveling surfer is to stick to your local beaches that you know are going to break and that way you'll be assured of a good time. Besides there is plenty of coastline to the neighboring south and north which provide countless varieties of point and beach breaks, like County Line, Emma Wood, Mandos, and C-Street.

With that said, I wouldn't live anywhere else in California and Oxnard produces some of the most consistent and challenging waves on the planet. The Oxnard Beach communities are made up of surfers and their families, and everyone knows and respects eachother. The Ocean is Oxnards life blood, and many of Oxnard's residents have made their living through surfing.

The surf is best here in the winter when the strong North Wests are rolling through, although "The Base" sees epic conditions during the summer's South Swells.

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